Research & Development

At Felbro, we know it takes more than great taste and exceptional value to be a leader in food manufacturing. That’s why, for over 65 years, our Research and Development team has been the trusted experts to create exceptional products in a consistent and high quality manner.

Keeping abreast of food industry trends allows us to stay current with the dynamics of an ever-changing food industry. Felbro’s R&D team provides extensive knowledge and expertise.

The team is comprised of food scientists, flavor chemists, dieticians, and quality control specialists. We understand that, besides flavor, mouthfeel and shelf life are variables that are important to you.

felbro_recipes_ 17Our R&D professionals can help you select the best ingredients to achieve your desired finished product. Felbro’s full time Food Safety specialists assures a consistent, safe environment in our USDA plants.

Our expertise includes:

  • Food product development and ideation
  • Food flavors, colors, consistency, and mouth feel
  • Formulas and sample runs
  • Nutritional analysis
  • All-natural products
  • Ingredient and allergen statements
  • Modifying an existing product
  • Re-engineering