Finally, food product development that's on-trend and operationally practical.

There’s a sauce or beverage you want developed or matched. Not only should it be on-trend, this new product must meet your desired price point and any nutritional needs, a few examples being sugar reduction, non-GMO and gluten-free.

This is exactly what we provide at Felbro: High quality food product development, for both liquid and dry proprietary products. In every endeavor, we scrupulously spot gaps for improvement and ways to add to your brand’s value.

The vision: Methodically-assessed

We carefully listen to your product vision, then ask strategic questions. From the consumers you serve to your brand’s long-term goals, our R&D team assesses every nuance to ensure your formulation is a success.

Your idea: Strategically built-upon

Felbro is known for making suggestions that brands hadn’t thought to consider. For example, we think about how to improve taste, what will shift the price point, how packaging can better meet operational needs and how to be “on-trend” by launch date.  Beyond simple creation, we bring innovation and value to every step of the process.

The taste: Customer-approved

The modern consumer’s taste buds and trends are ever-changing. Constantly in research mode, we stay on top of these shifts, making sure every nuance is taken into account for your beverage or food product development to be a success.

Have a Question?

We're happy to help. Whether you're looking for new menu ideas or need a private labeling partner, Felbro takes a consultative approach to provide the perfect solution for your brand.