lto "This top international donut chain knew the power of LTOs. But the drinks that Felbro developed were so popular with customers that the chain put 3 of them on the permanent menu. It shows the cravability of the drinks, which brings in customers - and profits."


An international chain sought beverage product development to cash in on limited time offers (LTOs).

One of the world’s most beloved donut brands came to us seeking LTO beverages their customers would love. They’d seen the power of seasonal offers in the past and knew, when done right, that LTOs are an incredible, profitable opportunity.


Based on projected trends and customer tastes, we tested and developed the ideal formulas.

Seasonal beverages must speak to consumer tastes and address trends that will be “in” at the time of a promotional period. Incorporating the desired taste profile and launch time frame, our R&D experts crafted enticing flavors—in both warm and frothy lattes, as well as refreshing, blended drinks.


So successful that 3 of the beverages, by popular request, became permanent menu items.

Since our initial partnership, this top international donut chain and Felbro have collaborated on 10 different LTO drinks. As a result of our beverage product development, 3 of them were so popular, they became staple menu items. In addition, a few of the other LTOs still make annual appearances.

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