Expert food co-packing, backed by top quality equipment

Felbro makes it easy to outsource the packaging of your food product. Bring us your formulations or recipes, and Felbro will handle the packaging and manufacturing—with commitment that’s second to none. Our state of the art facilities and experienced team give you confidence that your product will be manufactured to your specifications every time.

A variety of packaging options, in-house

From glass jars and canisters to foil bags, our wide range of on-site equipment makes delivering the packaging you want simple…and on schedule.

Ready to deliver on time, every time

Our Felbro team is scrupulous when it comes to deadlines. When we say we’ll meet a deadline, even if tight, fulfillment is met—no matter what.

Co-packing or formulations—or both

If you’re looking for food co-packers, we’ve got you covered. However, if you need a product development partner, Felbro is the rare brand who can do R&D for sauces and beverages AND handle it all the way through packaging.

Have a Question?

We're happy to help. Whether you're looking for new menu ideas or need a private labeling partner, Felbro takes a consultative approach to provide the perfect solution for your brand.