Beverage Bases

superior flavors range from lemonades and slushies to Horchata and hot chocolate


we're known for crafting unique colors, from pink rose to egg yellow, visual food appeal can't be underrated

Flavors & Extracts

food flavor has been the heart of our services since the 1940s, making us known for delights like vanilla, pure orange and almond extract

Fillings & Mixes

our powdered mixes aren't only easy to prepare, they're absolutely decadent in taste and texture

Puddings & Gelatins

Felbro food products include classic treats done right, like chocolate and butterscotch pudding


whether it's maple syrup for pancakes or the base of drinks like margaritas, our passion for syrups is bar none

Savory Sauces & Dressings

favorite sauces make favorite foods (whether teriyaki, chipotle, vinaigrette, apricot glaze...or anything in between)

Dessert Sauces & Toppings

why only the cherry on top when you can have all the sauces and toppings? (Shelf-stable chocolate drizzles, caramel and pineapple toppings...indeed)

Soup Bases

The difference between an "okay" soup and homemade comfort cuisine? Felbro soup bases like chicken, French onion, beef and even clam.

Have a Question?

We're happy to help. Whether you're looking for new menu ideas or need a private labeling partner, Felbro takes a consultative approach to provide the perfect solution for your brand.