Validated processes that ensure all products are safe and consistent

While taste is vital for product success, so is meeting health regulations. We adhere to government standards and HACCP-based process guidelines, as well as undergo annual (unannounced) third party audits—assuring every sauce and beverage meets food safety standards. With lot traceable products (and data stored in excess of 10 years), our Quality Assurance team is on the production floor at all times to maintain the highest standards.

Proven track record

Having served some of the world’s most established brands, we’ve launched many successful, safe products. In addition, we’ve passed rigorous inspections performed by the State of California Department of Public Health (Food and Drug Branch), the FDA, County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health and the USDA.

Backed by certifications

As your partner in consistent, quality-assured products, we adhere to the strictest requirements, such as being SQF certified.

Committed to consistency

Whether you have 10 locations or 3,000, a product should have the same flavor and texture place-to-place. At Felbro, we’re vigilant about delivering a stable, uniform product.

Have a Question?

We're happy to help. Whether you're looking for new menu ideas or need a private labeling partner, Felbro takes a consultative approach to provide the perfect solution for your brand.