opertaions "The labor costs were becoming significant—and the sauce formulas needed to be streamlined across all locations. After Felbro worked with the restaurant chefs themselves, the results were fantastic."


The restaurant needed to commercialize and scale food operations. Why? Time-waste.

A 50-unit Asian food concept was known for their sauces but — three complicated sauces to be exact. Making the sauces by hand was taking up enormous labor time at each restaurant. Needing to scale, streamline and commercialize, our customer also wanted to make sure the sauces were consistent in both texture and flavor.


We ensured the new, commercialized sauces measured up to the chef’s handmade version.

Each sauce had been made by the restaurants’ chefs – and our Felbro team wanted to make sure the flavor and texture were matched just right. To accomplish this challenging task Felbro worked side by side with the chefs in their corporate kitchen. This enhanced food operations, while maintaining high quality.


Labor costs were reduced by an average of 375 hours per week across all locations.

The Felbro team developed a solution for consistency across all units, improved food safety, reducing risk and labor. At each of the 50 restaurants, chefs spent 6-9 hours a week making sauces. Those hourly costs added up fast. With the new sauce formulation from Felbro, there’s now greater consistency, improved food safety and decreased labor hours.

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