Innovation “After this small batch candy maker was approached by a major retailer, we knew the product required delicate care...and came with an aggressive targeted holiday deadline. The LTO sauce met deadline and was so well received, it became a permanent, year-round item.”


Our food and beverage innovations took a small candy maker into a major retailer.

A local, small-batch candy maker was approached by a large-scale retailer. The challenge? To modify their delicious, hand-crafted French sea salt caramels into a decadent sauce for ice cream—at large manufacturing scale and on a Limited Time Offer (LTO) deadline.


We crafted the right formulation with a tight, seasonal deadline at the forefront.

Our experts focused on keeping quality while scaling up quantity. There was an aggressive challenging deadline to take this local candy maker’s product and transform it into a large-scale LTO. Nevertheless, we ensured our R&D team took the proper care to find the correct flavor profile and manufacturing techniques to take these caramels from elegant confection to decadent topping.


The new sauce hit the deadline and became a permanent item (that’s still on the shelves).

The retailer intended to have this sauce as an LTO, however, the demand was so high that the new caramel sauce became a year-round staple. In addition, the chain requested a hot fudge sauce to round out the offering.

Our Felbro team is proud of this example of our food and beverage innovations. We have now supplied both these products for nearly a decade.

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