Felbro syrups are known for their perfection in both taste and texture.

Thick, rich, natural maple waffle syrup or light, refreshing lime – Felbro syrups are known for their perfection in both taste and texture. Our syrups are high-quality products rich in flavor yet competitively priced – the ideal addition to any food or drink item. Each one has the exact consistency you look for in a syrup – clear and viscous for a pancake, while bright and diffuse for a bar mix.

felbro_recipes_ 2Felbro bar mix syrups transform beverages from bland to flavorful and are notable for their premium quality and economical pricing. Thousands of drinks can be made from our syrups – from sweet to hard. Our Italian syrups add that extra special touch to a cup of coffee – international travel without a passport.

All Felbro syrups are easy-to-use and shelf-stable.

Food manufacturing is both an art and a science, a fact that is fully on display in our wide variety of mouth-watering syrups. Whether you need the perfect complement for a delicious waffle dish or fail-safe grenadine for your signature Sea Breeze, Felbro creates the syrups that make it happen.


felbro_carts_2Banana ~ Blueberry ~ Blue Lemon ~ Blue Raspberry ~ Brandy ~ Bubblegum ~ Boysenberry ~ Cherry ~ Cinnamon ~ Coconut ~ Coffee ~ Cotton Candy ~ Fruit Punch ~ Grape ~ Jamaica ~ Lemon ~ Lime ~ Mango ~ Melon ~ Orange ~ Passion Fruit ~ Peach ~ Piña Colada ~ Pineapple ~ Raspberry ~ Root beer ~ Strawberry ~ Tamarindo ~ Tangerine ~ Watermelon ~ Vanilla

Pancake, waffle, and hot cakes:Syrups_Preparation_ALT

Apricot ~ Butter Pecan ~ Coconut ~ Natural Hotcake ~ Pure Maple ~ 10% Maple ~ 25% Maple

Coffee and Italian Syrups:

felbro_lastgrp_ 11Almond ~ Caramel ~ Hazelnut ~ Irish Coffee ~ Strawberry ~ Vanilla

Bar Syrups:

felbro_recipes_ 7Cranberry ~ Crème de Menthe ~ Grenadine ~ Lemonade ~ Lime ~ Mango Puree ~ Orgeat ~ Piña Colada ~ Sour Apple ~ Strawberry Lemonade ~ Strawberry Puree ~ Sweet & Sour