Soup Bases

Felbro soup bases are the key to savory, comforting, and great tasting soups. Felbro manufactures and markets a variety of paste and dry soup bases to foodservice and industrial chefs. The bases provide a foundation for creating versatile, consistent, and flavorful signature soups, sauces, gravies, and reductions. The bases are made with hand-selected ingredients like beef, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. Offerings include USDA certified, all-natural, no MSG, low sodium, deli-style and Latin soup varieties, such as Chipotle and Ancho Chile. We have the capabilities to ensure your products are in the most convenient configuration; packaging options include pails, jars, drums, and pouches. Our bases are shelf-stable, simple to use, and deliver high profit margins. You can even use our bases to flavor dishes such as mashed potatoes! Allow our team to develop your unique soup base or enhance your existing recipes to meet your specific operational needs.

beef flavorBase Flavors:

Au Jus ~ Beef (no MSG available) ~ Chicken (no MSG available) ~ Clam (no MSG available) ~ French Onion ~ Ham (no MSG available) ~ Lobster ~ Pork ~ Shrimp ~ Vegetable (no MSG available) ~ Garlic.


Beef (no MSG available) ~ Chicken (no MSG available)


Chiles ~ Chipotle ~ Ancho.