Savory Sauces & Dressings

Favorite sauces for favorite foods

Every one of our sauces and dressings has the perfect consistency and taste.
Sauce offerings include: Barbecue, Worcestershire, and a full line of Asian and Hispanic sauces. Our robust, full-bodied, real pit barbeque sauces are time-honored family recipes. They’re great for broiling, baking and grilling, and as an ingredient in recipes.


Felbro’s expertise in Asian sauces saves time in preparation, making a complicated process easy and uniform. Create signature dishes with Felbro’s innovative Pan Asian and Fusion Sauces which provide a depth of flavor and use authentic ingredients that make them ideal for stir-frying, glazing, marinating, drizzling and dipping or as a brush-on sauce straight from the bottle. Expect to tantalize your taste buds!

Whether for salads, dips, or marinades, we have the ideal dressing. Felbro’s dressings are easy to use, shelf stable, and versatile. From balsamic vinaigrette to traditional Chinese chicken salad, Felbro uses premium ingredients and offers reduced fat and calorie varieties with price points that meet your bottom line without sacrificing taste and quality Savory_Sauces_Dressings_Preparation_1
Our Sauces and Dressing are available in a variety of packaging options that help you overcome operational constraints and let you capitalize on every opportunity.

Many of our products are also available in a powdered form. Low sodium versions available.


felbro_recipes_ 27Apricot Glaze ~ BBQ ~ Southern BBQ ~ Sweet & Sour BBQ ~ Gourmet BBQ ~ Hot sauce ~ Louisiana hot sauce ~ Liquid smoke ~ Pizza sauce ~ Soy ~ Toyo Soya ~ Steak sauce ~ Taco ~ Teriyaki ~ Gourmet Teriyaki ~ Low Sodium Teriyaki ~ Worcestershire.


felbro_lastgrp_ 8Italian ~ Balsamic Vinaigrette ~ Ranch ~ Honey Mustard ~ Blue Cheese ~ Asian.