Fillings, Mixes, Puddings & Gelatins

Felbro offers an abundant selection of fillings, from the most popular fruit varieties to the richest chocolates, custards, and creams.

Felbro’s convenient ready-to-use pie fillings have a smooth texture and large fruit content. They are perfect for a wide variety of desserts from fine pastries, cakes, and donuts, to cobblers, parfaits and cheesecakes.

Felbro’s fillings are packaged, easy-to-use, bake-stable, and freeze-thaw tolerant, making them economical and sure to enhance your bottom line.

Felbro offers a variety of powdered mixes that are easy to prepare. Our cake and pudding mixes are available with special nutritional properties – sugar-free, low-sodium, or even higher calorie if needed. All of our mixes, from pizza dough to pancake, use the highest quality ingredients and create a unique flavor profile. Our gelatins and puddings, produced in a variety of flavors, are also available ready-to-eat!

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Mousse – Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry ~ Gelatin – Lemon, Lime, Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry.


Brownies ~ Pizza ~ Cake ~ Pancake ~ Waffle ~ Muffin.


Apple ~ Apricot ~ Banana Cream ~ Blueberry ~ Cherry ~ Chocolate Ganache ~ Cream Cheese ~ Lemon ~ Lime ~ Strawberry ~ Vanilla Cream.


Banana~ Butterscotch ~ Chocolate ~ Strawberry ~ Vanilla.