Colors, Flavors & Extracts

Our food flavors and extracts make dishes instantly memorable.

Felbro is an experienced leader, and known industry wide for our unique colors, flavors, and extracts. Our high raw-color concentration produces rich, vibrant coloring. They are of superior quality, outperform our competitors, and are aggressively priced.

At Felbro, food flavor is at the heart of what we do. For over 65 years, top companies in the food and hospitality industry have incorporated our wide range of colors, flavors and extracts into their recipes.

Need a color burst in a special recipe? Searching for the perfect refreshing “pop” of mint flavor? Looking for a premium, bold product that outperforms all others? Then enjoy the delicious taste and balance of Felbro’s colors, flavors and extracts.

Ask about all-natural colors!


felbro_lastgrp_ 4Blue ~ Caramel ~ Egg Yellow ~ Green ~ Lemon Yellow ~ Orange ~ Pink rose ~ Peach ~ Red (single and double strength) ~ Strawberry Red



Almond ~ Banana ~ Black Walnut ~ Brandy ~ Bubble Gum ~ Butter ~ Butterscotch ~ Caramel ~ Cherry ~ Wild Cherry ~ Coconut ~ Lemon ~ Lime ~ Malt ~ Maple ~ Mint ~ Orange ~ Peach ~ Peppermint ~ Pineapple ~ Red Raspberry ~ Rum ~ Strawberry ~ Vanilla~ Chocolate ~ Coffee ~


extractsVanilla, Almond.