Supply “We not only matched the product and improved the packaging on a fast timeline, our solution delivered a 30% cost savings, which the restaurant chain didn’t even ask for!”


An iconic chain had food inventory management challenges, plus additional unseen opportunities.

One of the nation’s top iconic burger chains needed a supplier change…and fast. This brand sought a partner who would deliver on one of their most popular menu items on a tight time frame.


We presented a plan for fast supply change and (to their surprise) addressed other high-cost issues.

This chain came seeking a shake base formula to be matched and quickly supplied. In addition to the request, our team assessed other opportunities to improve the formula and save dollars.

This team, who’d come to us for a specific food inventory management need, was happily surprised with our follow up. Felbro delivered the following:

  1. Our R&D experts concentrated the new formula, making it twice as strong, meaning less product needed per shake.
  2. We saw the previous packaging created unnecessary costs and waste. After thorough package testing, we presented a new format, which cut down on waste and was easier for employee use.


Our new formula not only met benchmark standards—it resulted in 30% cost savings.

The custom solution was delivered within 2 weeks of their request and was in widespread retail locations within 6 weeks. Our new formula, developed by the in-house Felbro R&D team, resulted in 30% cost savings.

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