Packaging "This coffee chain had wanted to change their packaging for years, but didn’t have the right partnership. After finding Felbro, the change was fast. We quickly discovered how new packaging would drastically reduce waste and even exceed company goals."


A coffee brand wanted a new product packaging solution to reduce costs.

A coffee and tea company, passionate about sustainability, knew their packaging had drawbacks. The brand’s carton style was expensive, bulky and required higher volumes than they needed. That’s when they turned to Felbro.


We discovered an improved packaging option—on a rapid timeline.

In collaboration with R&D, our purchasing team sourced a highly cost effective and less bulky packaging solution.  Since the new package also impacted shelf life, our Felbro R&D experts worked vigilantly to reformulate the product to ensure the same shelf life while continuing to deliver the same taste and mouthfeel.


The new pouch package resulted in substantial cost savings and a reduction in waste.

Our partner was thrilled to have successfully improved packaging and delivered cost savings. Due to the considerable waste reduction, the brand was even able to add to their corporate commitment to sustainability.

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