Dessert Sauces & Toppings

felbro_lastgrp_ 2Felbro dessert sauces and toppings are great tasting and delicious. We use only the finest ingredients to produce decadent melt-in-the-mouth fudges, caramels and fruit toppings.

High-quality chocolate sourced from the best cocoa manufacturers around the world, natural sugars, and high fruit content are what separates us from our competitors. Our award- winning caramel and fudge sauces can be used as a drizzle on ice cream, desserts, and cappuccino coffee drinks, as a dip in fruit fondues, or can be simply be eaten with a spoon.

A wide variety of real fruit toppings– from blueberry and pineapple to strawberry and raspberry – allows manufacturers, hoteliers and restaurateurs to offer their clientele uniquely delicious desserts, ice creams, and confections.

Our dessert sauces and toppings are also bake and shelf stable. We truly provide the flexibility you need from a product in order to run your business – while still delivering on an incredible flavor profile that excites the palate.

Our award-winning sauces and topping are available in a variety of food service and retail sizes. Easy and convenient to use, Felbro dessert sauces and toppings are also friendly to your bottom line, giving you premium quality and flavors with consistent taste at the right price.

Topping Flavors:

Felbro ProductsBlueberry ~ Butterscotch ~ Caramel ~ Chocolate Syrup ~ Gourmand Hot Fudge ~ Milk Chocolate Fudge ~ Sensational Hot Fudge ~ Mild Bittersweet Hot Fudge ~ Dark Chocolate Fudge ~ “Lite” Dark Fudge ~ Deluxe Hot Fudge ~ Marshmallow ~ Melba ~ Pineapple ~ Strawberry
Also: Dark Chocolate Cone Dip ~ Light Chocolate Cone Dip.