Job Title of Opening: Purchasing Manager

The employer manufacturers and wholesalers a large and diverse inventory of food products Perform standard functions of a Purchasing Manager. Review current procedures governing the employer’s purchasing procedures in order to optimize purchasing process. Select vendors (e.g. identify and screen vendors to determine reliability and terms) and participate in negotiating contracts pertaining to terms and price (e.g. formulating policies with suppliers). Obtain sales forecasts from sales staff to anticipate inventory requirements and insure inventory is appropriate to meet demand. Maintain inventory at optimal level. As required identify and eliminate or reduce underperforming product lines. Maintain accurate inventory records. Audit inventory to identify and eliminate waste. Direct staff engaged in purchasing inventory, processing requisitions, and preparing purchase orders. Resolve shipping related issues as needed. Liaise with vendors on deliveries and other product-related issues. Insure purchases are received timely. Arrange for most economical methods of transportation. Monitor and evaluate vendor performance. Resolve vendor or contractor grievances and claims against suppliers. Responsible for insuring compliance with regulatory guidelines governing import/export guidelines, customs and duties and maintaining documentation of compliance.

Requires a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and 1 year of experience. In lieu of, will accept a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and 5 years of experience, or any suitable combination of education, training or experience thereof. Experience can be progressive. No less than a Bachelor’s Degree and 5 years of experience is acceptable

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